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Get your business low-cost finance to grow quickly. We arrange finance for businesses and can have money in your account withing 24 hours of receiving your information.

We can arrange loans that suit your business from our massive panel of lenders.

 – Business Loans from £5k- £10m*

 – 6 to 60 Months payback terms

 – Businesses Trading for Just 6 months

 – Any industry or any reason

 – Quick decision in principle

 – Loans for any business purpose



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Examples of Available Business Finance

Revolving Credit / Overdraft

Alternative to Factoring

Low Cost Revolving Credit Facility

Up to £150k 

Unsecured Business Loan

£500k – No Security

payback over 6 to 60 months

6% APR approx.

Business Loan

£3m with a Debenture / PG / Asset Security

payback over 6 to 60 months

 3% APR approx.

Property Development Finance

Bridging Loan

£700k Bridge over 12 months

0.55% PCM

Fully Funded Development Finance

100% Purchase & Development Funded

Joint Venture You retain 51%

Part Funded Development Finance

£2m Finance Taken in tranches / stages 

15% APR per year in stages

Reduces to 3% Total cost of Finance


How long must I be trading to apply for a business loan?

We have options for businesses that have only been trading for as little as three months. We can even arrange finance for a startup if your business supplies goods or services to other businesses.

Will I need security for a business loan?

Not always. We can arrange unsecured business loans with interest rates based on the health of your company. If you have a long trading history and a good repayment profile then your interest rate will be relatively low. If you have only been in business for a short time, have missed payments or cannot prove you are reliable, then your rate will be slightly higher, but we can still often source finance for your business.

What security is acceptable?

Property is the best kind of security, but we have many more options. We source business loans for people who want to use anything from art or  machinery as security. We can also source asset finance if you want to purchase something for your business that has a resale value if you are unable to meet repayment obligations.

I have bad personal credit - Can I get a business loan?

We arrange finance for businesses in all situations. We can even arrange finance for business where the directors are previously bankrupt. Speak to an expert and see what we can do – we may have a solution that you are not aware of and we may surprise you. 

How fast can I get funds from a business loan?

~This very much depends on you. If you have all your documents ready then we may be able to get funds to you within 24 hours. In reality – we like to say expect a three day turnaround. If you have a chequered payment history, it may take a week because we will have to discuss your history and explain your situation with banks / finance providers, which takes time.

Can I pay a business loan off early?

Of course. Many banks or fiance providers allow and encourage early repayment. Some will charge a few months of interest as a fee, others have no early repayment penalties. It very much depends on the finance options available to your business.

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