Recruitment Factoring

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Payroll Finance with Full Back Office
Fund CIS Placements Regardless of Status
Factor Invoices up to 120 Days
Easily Fund Against Temp Timesheets

Fix Cashflow Shortfalls Fast

Grow your recruitment business by factoring your invoices and access monies owed to you.
Get an advance on invoices & forget remove the pressures caused by slow payers

 – Same day decision in principle

 – Invoice finance that grows with you

 – Confidential Factoring/Invoice Finance

 – Compare rates from top factoring companies

 – Start-up recruitment businesses welcome

 – Factor all or part of your sales ledger

 – Lowest rates in the marketplace

 – Long Recourse Periods

 – All-in-one fee options

 – Invoice finance that grows with you

 – Fund Temp and Permanent Placements

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Invoice Finance Tailored to Your Recruitment Business

Benefits of Recruitment Factoring for Your Business?

  • It is a quick and effective method of releasing equity tied up in your invoices
  • Invoice finance increases your cash flow and allows you to keep up with wags, suppliers etc.
  • It allows you to outsource your back office support such as credit control and ledger management
  • You can include optional bolt-on services such as matching timesheets to invoices, processing payroll and producing payroll slip
  • Factoring removes the accounts receivable burden on you and your company, allowing you to focus on growing your business
  • You factoring facility will grow as your business grows
  • You can add bad debtor protection to your funding facility, providing peace of mind and stability


How Can I fund Temp Placements

We have Finance Options for temps that are billed on timesheets or however your agreemernt works

Can I fund CIS Placements

We understand the compl;exities of the Construction inductry Scheme and can help you fund placements regardless of your CIS status

How long will bridging finance last?
We can arrange bridging loans that last up to 24 months. The majority of bridging finance agreements run over 12 months and there may be default charges if you need extra time. In most cases, we ensure your chosen finance provider will not penalise for short overruns.
What is recruitment factoring?
Recruitment factoring allows you to release the monies tied up in your outstanding invoices. This improves cashflow, but importantly, it removes the need for your own back office and payroll function as this is outsourced – confidentially if required.
How Can I fund Permanent Placements

There are a number of lenders who will work with you to finance invoices for permanent placeements – we havfe direct access and can get you set up in a very short space of time

Can I get a facility with Full Back Office

We have funders who offer full back office includeding timesheet billing and payroll. We also work with inependent payroll companies to offer a complete service

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