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What Can You Use Bridging Finance For?

Short Term Working Capital

Get Finance to use as a short-term working capital solution, 

Refused Mortgage Property

Property that needs work in order to secure a mortgage

Light or Heavy Refurbishment

Bridging to cover the improvement of property and ready it for resale.

Commercial or Residential

We source bridges for regulated and non-regulated projects (bridges for home residential or commercial)

Full Funding Development Bridge

Joint Venture You retain 51% – We have funders who advance the full purchase and development costs.

Auction Purchase Finance

Get Bridging finance to cover the cost of your property auction purchase quickly.  Take away the stress of rushing through valuations for a mortgage.


Can I borrow the 100% of the value of the property?

You can sometimes borrow up to 100% of the property value, especially when you intend to use the bridge for refurbishment. This is because the work you carry out ton the property, should increase the value of the property, which will then mean you are only borrowing a percentage by the end of the bridge period.

Can I borrow the 100% of the value of the property?

We have options for businesses that have only been trading for as little as three months. We can even arrange finance for a startup if your business supplies goods or services to other businesses.

Will I need additional security to get bridging finance?

Not always. We can arrange unsecured business loans with interest rates based on the health of your company. If you have a long trading history and a good repayment profile then your interest rate will be relatively low. If you have only been in business for a short time, have missed payments or cannot prove you are reliable, then your rate will be slightly higher, but we can still often source finance for your business.

How long will bridging finance last?

We can arrange bridging loans that last up to 24 months. The majority of bridging finance agreements run over 12 months and there may be default charges if you need extra time. In most cases, we ensure your chosen finance provider will not penalise for short overruns.

Is Interest Rolled Up?

You can choose to either service the loan or roll interest up so that it added onto the loan amount. Bridging finance is one of the most flexible borrowing tools available. Ask us if you don’t know the best option for you in your specific situation.

I Have Bad Personal Credit - Can I get a bridging finance?

We arrange finance for businesses in all situations. We can even arrange finance for business where the directors are previously bankrupt. Speak to an expert and see what we can do – we may have a solution that you are not aware of and we may surprise you. 

How fast can I get funds using bridging finance?

This very much depends on you. If you have all your documents ready then we may be able to get funds to you within 24 hours. In reality – we like to say expect a three day turnaround. If you have a chequered payment history, it may take a week because we will have to discuss your history and explain your situation with banks / finance providers, which takes time.

Can I pay off a bridging finance agreement early?

Of course. Many banks or fiance providers allow and encourage early repayment. Some will charge a few months of interest as a fee, others have no early repayment penalties. It very much depends on the finance options available to your business.

What's the minimum term for a bridging loan?

Many funders have no minimum term It. Some though will have exit fees that work out more expensive than a finance provider with a minimum term. Ask us an we will be happy to give you advice on your best route to secure finance.

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